Princessa the Chihuahua

Although Princessa is only 5 lbs, she can still manage to carry off the plaid pattern. Not all petite females can do this, you know. The XSML standard size fits her perfectly and keeps the cold off her tiny derriere.

McBrody is ready for Xmas

Joining his doggie cousins, Brody also wears the Tartan Coat. This handsome big boy weighs in at 95 lbs. The standard XLRG fits his masculine lab frame allowing plenty of leg room for chasing tennis balls. Before he wears his coat out to play, he plans to pose for the family Xmas portrait in his new threads.

Miss Nina McB

We've been asked if this distinctive clothing is available for larger dogs. Well, Miss Nina McB is a large (yet very svelte) girl. She sports her Tartan Coat with style and grace neverminding that she is a standard LG and weighs a lean 55 lbs..


Sporting a fully lined tartan coat, McDiego can comfortably be off for a quick trip to the recycling center.
This Polyester fleece coat upholds the Green Consciousness movement as this fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles. Diego plans to do his part to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Aaahh... Autumn

Time to get out those coats for brisk early morning walks.

Diego's Faux Suede / Sherpa Tan Coat no longer fits, but this larger Baby Blue rendition should keep this puggie toasty. As always, there is a covered button hole along the back to accomodate his harness and leash. Otherwise this boy would head to Moss Landing, given half the chance.