The early days

Even 13 pounds ago Diego enjoyed putting on the dog. Except this time it was the cheetah.

Even though it doesn't fit now, he still runs to pull down his favorite cheetah sweatshirt when he knows we are headed out for a walk.

Go Sharks.....

Diego is the dog version of Houdini; he can easily pull his puggie head out of a regular collar so he always wears a harness on our walks. In all of Diego's clothing, a large reinforced buttonhole is hidden under a flap on his back to grab the harness' D-ring for securing his leash.
This sport sleeved sweatshirt was made to welcome in the Shark's Ice Hockey season.

Bad to the Bone

The skull and cross bone camouflage look makes the big dogs nervous when they spot Diego at the beach. Diego definitely has Big Dog Syndrome and he can pull off the intimidating pretense. Can’t you just spot that in those terrifying eyes?

Ready for a Foggie Morning Walk

A version of the long sleeved, hooded fleece sweatshirt now includes a panel that covers Diego's entire back, something like a doggie peplum. He won't be lost in his bright yellow doggie footprint print fleece.

Easter Puglette

With a head shaped something similar to a pomegranate, the challenge is finding a place for Bunny Ears to reside. A double elastic band, one on the front of his ears and one to the back, connecting both straps under the chin (at least some semblance of a chin) secured bunny ears for rigorous Easter Egg Hunting.

Whale Watching anyone?

Looking over the cliffs at Seascape,
Diego keeps warm in his Sherpa Faux Suede coat. The coat is secured with velcro at the front neck and the underbelly.

Good relations with the Wookies have I

After the leisure wear, comes the Halloween costumes. Shown here is Diego's Halloween 2008 Yoda costume. He loved dressing the part and was happy to join in the Trick or Treating.